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Mrs. Pat Palmer-Hartley presents an engraved Ivory-stocked M1866 Winchester rifle in memory of her husband Dr. John Robert Palmer, Jr. Master Engravers Dick Story (l) and Frank Hendricks (r) look on.

The following individuals, businesses and organizations have donated artifacts, works of art or research materials to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • Individuals who have donated artifacts valued at more than $5,000 are recognized on the Major Benefactor list.
  • Lenders are recognized in the feature exhibits to which they have lent artifacts. They are acknowledged on this list if their loans are converted to gifts.

To discuss a donation, please call the Director toll-free at 1-877-750-8631, email us (click here) or write to us at Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 2570, Waco, Texas, 76702. Funds for the purchase of artifacts or archives are also accepted and the name of the donor is added to this list.

If you notice an error or omission please send us an email at:

Abernathy, Alton Ray

Acheson, Volney R

Affleck, Wynnie

Agler, Danny L.

AHL, Inc. dba America Remembers

Air Force One Flight Crew - United States Air Force

Akins, Ken

Albers, E.G.
Texas Ranger, Ret.

Alderdice, Dean

Alexander, Bob

Alford, David

Allday, Carl

Allee, A. Y. Jr.

Allen, Jack

Allen, W.N.

Amadea Film Productions, Inc.
Walker, Texas Ranger

America Remembers

Anderson, Andy

Anderson, Pat

Anderson, Sgt. Ernest

Andrews, Warren

Anglin, Everitt W.

Anonymous (several)

Archa, Deputy William G.

Armstrong, Jr., Tobin
Tobin and Anne Armstrong Family

Arnett, Frank

Arnold, Bon

Arnold, Robert Jr. & Bejie

Arnold, Tom

Arnold, Mrs. Watson C.

Arrington, Debbie

Arthur, T Neal

Averitt, Paula K.

Aycock, John, Sgt.

Aycock, Louis

Ayers, John Howard

Aynesworth, Dr. and Mrs. M. B.

Baccus, Robert E. Gregg County Airport

Badland Rangers

Bagley, Bill R.

Bailey County Sheriff’s Office

Bailey, Bob

Bain, Thomas C.

Baird, Patsy
Given in honor of Leon Baird

Baker, Dell, Jr.

Baker, Mr. Johnnie

Baker, Family of Jules

Ballard, W. Edward, III

Ballew, Walton, Jr.

Barbee, Sylvia

Barbera, Charles, Jr.

Barnes, Thomas C.

Bartholomew, Ed

Bates, Jack C.

Baylor, Hal T.

Baylor Law Library

Bazemore, Estate of Ola Mae

Beasley, Stephen C.

Beck, Lillian W.

Bedford, Loretta

Belcher, Zack

Bell, Lt. Ray

Berry, Clarence A

Bertrand, Mildred Cook and Antonece Bertrand Rogers

Bianchi, Phil

Birchfield, Melissa Britton

Blackburn, Robert A.

Blackwell, J. K.

Blaise, Joseph R.

Bleazard, George

Block, H. R.

Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club VIII

Bodwell, Robert

Booker, Lou

Boone, Joe S. "Sandy"

Booth, Mr.

Border Patrol Museum

Bottoms, Bobbie and Malcolm

Bower, Richard

Bowman, Bob and Doris

Box, Ves, Jr.

Boyer, Oliver

Bradshaw, Leo

Brady, Sheriff Michael D.

Branch, Larry

Breland, Marie

Brem, David J.

Bridge, Joe H., Jr.

Bridges, Bill

Brigham, Barbara

Brinkmann, John

British Archive of COuntry Music

Brodt, Charles W.

Brown, Donald M.

Brown, Ian

Brown, Raymond
Country Store Gallery

Brown, Vandiver

Brown-Olds Corporation

Browning, James

Bry, Marvin

Bryan, Harry H.

Buckaloo, Capt. Clete R.,

Burks, Capt. G. W.

Burks, Tom

Burleson, Bob
Gift in honor of Jim D. Bowmer

Burns, Brian

Burwell, William M

Byrnes, David

Byrnes, J. P.

Campbell, Duane

Carlson, Carl

Carmichael, H. Dodson

Carroll, Mike

Casteel, Capt. Bruce and Ruby

Cawthon, William M.

Chamberlain, Charles

Chancellor, Evan

Chandler, Don

Chariton, Wallace O.

Charter, Michael

Cherry, Ann

Chevaillier, Mason

Choice, William H.

Christianson, Joanne Platt

Cirincione, Dominick J.

Clark, Joseph T.

Clay, Elizabeth

Clegg, Keith

Clements, Bryan

Cocek, Mrs. Ben

Cochran, Keith

Coffman, Chief Ray

Cofrancesco, Christopher

Colgin, Dr. James H.

Colley, Lester C., Jr.

Collier, John B.

Collins, Bob

Collins, Sgt. Jeffery

Collins, William

Collin County Sheriff's Department

Colquitt, J.K.

Colt Industries, Colt Firearm Division

Colt Manufacturing Company

Conger, Lacy

Conger, Rosalyn

Connally, Dr. H. F.

Connally, E. L.

Connally, Bob

Cook, Charles

Cook, Donna Gholson

Cook, Mariella W.

Copeland, Jerry

Cooper, Morris

Cooper, Thelma

Corbitt, Edgar F.

Cornell, Doris

Corner, Jeffery J.

Cornwell, D.W.

Couldron, G. A. "Jeff"

Courson, Glen D.

Courville, Michael

Cowsert, Mrs. Gully

Cox, Mike

Craddock, Nancy S.
In memory of C. R. Craddock, descendant of John Robert Craddock

Craft, Peggy

Crain, Marguerite Starr

Cramer, Lee

Crawford, Helen
In memory of Texas Ranger Simpson Crawford

Creech, Paul

Creek, Eloise Fisher

Crenshaw, Lee

Criminal Intelligence Service
Texas Department of Public Safety

Cross, R.D.

Crouch, Dayton

Crow, Cecil H.

Crum, Harry L.

Cunningham, Robert J.

Curry, William T.

Dallas Police Association

Damato, Loyce H

Danford, Robert Lee

Daniel, Ernest D.

Daniel, Janet

Daniel, Lisa

Darden, Robert

Darlington, W.C.

Davis, Mont L., Jr.

Davis, Estate of L. Handly

Davis, Kenneth

Davis, Miss Quilliam Garrison

Dawson, Sodd & Beard, P.C.

Dean, Jack, Capt.
Texas Ranger, Ret.

Decker, Mrs. Clyde
In memory of Sheriff Bill Decker

Deen, F. Edgar, Jr.

Deison, Dave

Dendy, John

Dendy, Captain Kirby

Denman, Mrs. Jack

Denning, W. Keith
Texas Ranger, Ret.

DeVore, Ralph C.

Dibrell, David

Dick, C.L.

Dickson, Leon, Jr.

Dissler, James

Dixon, Kemp

Dixon, Norman K.

Dodson, Mrs. Birdie

Doherty, Bob & Carolyn

Doherty, Doris S

Domenech, Abel A.

Dossey, Heidi

Dove, Jack E., Jr.

Dowell, Stuart

Dowlearn, Hollis E., Jr.

DPS Historical Museum

Dry, B.J.

Duncan, Joan Norris

Dunlap, Phil

Dunnam, Jim

Durie, Roy

Dyer, Jerry R

Dyer, Marion

Dynamite Forces

Eakin, Edwin M.

Earle, Jim

Easterling, Allan

Edds, Mrs. John

Eder, Bob

Edmonton, Canada, Police Department

Edwards, R. Wayne

Edwards, Frank H.

Eiland, Steve

Eisenhauer, Ray

Elder, Charles R.

Elhn & Cannondale Badge Mfg. Co

Ellers Hunting Post

Elliott, Glenn
Texas Ranger, Ret.

Elliott, Harry Elmer, Jr.

Emerich, Jim

Enoch, D. R.

Estelle, J. M, Jr.

Estetter, John
In memory of Harper Locket, Uncle by marriage

Eubanks, Tom J

Evans, Tracie

Evett, Alice C.

Ewing, David

Ezell, Sarah Jane

Farris, Cannon

Faubion, William
In memory of Joe Roach

Favor, Robert

Featherson, Mrs. J. B.

Finck, Joe M.

Fisher, Naomi

Fitch, Amelia Sue

Fitzhugh, E. E.

Fitzpatrick, James and Anna

Fiveash, Mary P.
In memory of Roy T. Smith

Fletcher, B. A.

Floyd, Larry

Ford, Joe

Foster, Wilie Stephen

Fowler, James S.

Foy, Fred

Franklin, D. P.

Franklin, Estate of Clara
In memory of J.D. Franklin

Fredline, Wayne and Marcia
In memory of Oscar Fredline

Fulks, Paul, Sr.

Fuller’s Alamo Lock and Safe Company

Furner, Walter W.

Gaffney, John S.
National Investigation Agency

Garland, John

Garrett, Thomas L. and Yolanda

Garrison, Mrs. Homer

Gary, Lois E.

Garza, Lorenzo L.

Gatewood, Jim

Gatewood, Mile

Gebur, William L.

Geer, James “Bucky”

Gerth, William Family

Gibson, Bill

Gijsisers, Johan

Gilhuly, Michael J. and Marilyn

Gilliam, Dick

Gilmore, Z.W.

Gleaves, Dean

Glenn, Nancy

Glick, Clara B.

Glick, George A.

Glover, Gladine - Wesleyan R.H.

Glover, Jack

Goldstein, Sam

Gonzaullas, Capt. and Mrs. Manuel T.

Goodman, Kay and Robert

Gordon, Joey D, Sgt.

Gore, Gary

Grace, Tom

Graham, Robert MacDonald, Jr.

Grandee, Mr. and Mrs. Joe

Grand Prairie Police Department

Gray, Jerry C.

Gray, Kim

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce

Green, Danny

Green, Douglas

Green, Douglas B.

Green, R. M.

Green, William and Janet
In memory of Constable’s Deputy Micheal Eakin III

Greenhall, Jayne M.

Grenz, Eugene A.

Griffin, James

Grove, Joanne

Hackfield, A.H.

Hackney, Clint R. and Ginny

Hadley, P.

Hale, James
Given in honor of Ranger Captain Ben McCulloch

Haley, Chuck

Hall, L. D.
In memory of Wesley Betz

Hall, Tom

Hamer, C.P.

Hamer, Frank, Jr.

Hamer, Harrison

Hamer, Harrison F.

Hamer, Robert

Hardgrave, Lynn

Hardwick, James E.

Harlan, Richard

Harralson, Cliff and Helen

Harris, Clea Etta
In memory of Grover Lewis

Harrisberger, Forrest

Harrison, Clay
In honor of Joe Bates

Harrison, Linda
In memory of Milton E. Harrison, Deputy Sheriff of Nueces County

Hartzog, Kurt

Hastings, Dr. Chester

Hatley, Allen G.

Hausenfluke, Gene

Hawley, Carl

Hayes, Jerry M.

Hays, Bob B

Hebert, Michele K

Henderson, Halton

Herzing, Louis H.

Hickey, Michael M.

Hickman, Rick L.

Hicks, Mrs. D.E. Robinson

Highland Village Police Department

Hightower, Bryan J.

Hill County Sheriff’s Department
In memory of Kirby Emerson "Ike" Etheridge, Jr.

Hill, Tracie L.
In memory of Joe Bates

Hillbolt, Grover and Charlotte

Hinton, L. J.

Historic Waco Foundation

Hodge, A.D.

Hodges, M.L. Buddy

Hoffman, Brenda

Hoffman, Francis

Holcomb, Frank H Edwards and Florence Park

Holder, Charles B.

Holder, M.D.

Holifield, Frank
In memory of William T. Holifield, Jr.

Hollingsworth, Dan H., Sr.

Hollub, Mrs. Burta Gilliland

Holt, Eugene J., Jr.

Horne, Arlin C

Horton, Trenton

Horton, Jack R.

Hotz, Ronnie

Housinger, Lester A.

Howard, Jink and Wanda

Howard, John P.

Howell, T. D. “Rusty”

Hughes, Reese

Hull, Lowell

Humphrey, Hettie-Regis
To honor the Texas Rangers in the Cowden and Jowell families
 and current DRT family members

Hunt, Jeanette S.

Hutchinson, Scarlett

Hybl, John

Irvin, George

Jackson, Joaquin

Jackson, Joel

Jackson, W. P.

James, Frederic

Jeffcoat, Marvin A.

Jefferies, Brian T.

Jeffress, Victor

Jenkins, J.

Jenkins, T.P.

Johnson, Benjamin Heber

Johnson, Byron & Sharon P.

Johnson, David

Johnson, J.O.B.

Johnson, Lloyd

Johnson, Steve

Johnson, Wallace

Johnston, Charles

Jones, Cathy

Jones, Holmes E.

Jones, Mary Joe

Jones, Millicent
In memory of Edward L. Jones

Jones, Mrs. Ed

Jones, William L.

Kadlubowski, Art

Karper, Mary

Kasper, Michael

Kelley, Chadwick, A.

Kelley, A.M. & Evelyn and their
daughter Helen Kelley Lee

Kettner, Charles

Khoury Inc.

Kimmel, Lois

King, Charles A., Jr.

King, Don C.

Kinney, Billy Ray

Kline, J. B.

Knighten, E.D.

Knowles, Tom

Knox Family

Koerber, Steve

Kopycinski, Vic

Kroll, Edward

Krueger, Ben C. and Ann

Krueger, Charles L.

Krueger, Lucille

Kuykendall, U.C.

LaBell, Arlene

Lamb, M.B.

Lamza, Bill

Lancaster, John and Judy

Lander, James L.

Lane, Stanley L.

LaSagna, Larry P.

Lasseter, Rayford L

Latham, Frank W., Jr.

Lauterbach, Stewart E.

Lawson, Jamie

Lazzari, Craig

Lea, Tom

Leonard, Albert B

LaSage, Robert, Jr.

Leuschner, Edmund

Lewis, S.L.

Lightfoot, John

Lilly, Geri

Lish, Randy

Lockhart, Dirk

London City Police

London, Marian J.

Long, Frank

Longview Police Association Local 494

Love, John E.

Lovin, Phillip

Lyon, Frank O.

MacKenzie, Dr. Pierce

Madis, George

Majors, Joe

Mallery, Letty Sloan

Malone, N. B.
In memory of James N. Malone

Malsch, Brownson

Manford, James B., Sr.

Manning, Henry F.

Mansfield, Texas Police Department

March, H.

Marsh, Travis E

Mart, Texas Police Department

Martin, Elsie W.

Martin, Essie W.

Martin, Wynelle

Maurer, Earl

Mayborn Museum Complex

Mayes, Floyd W.

McAfee, W. R.

McAllister, Bob

McAlpine, Ron

McBrayer, Widow Mayme Murphy
In memory of Thomas Harvey McBrayer

McBride, J.T.

McCall, Glenn W

McCampbell, Dick

McCarty, Robert

McCaskill, Richard

McClary, Ann

McClendon, Donna Jean

McClennan County, Texas Sheriff's Department

McClure, Mrs. Farris E.

McConal, Patrick

McCoy, William

McCoy, Dorothy Abbott

McCullough, Georgia

McCutchen, Virginia

McDonald, Ron

McFall, M. C.

McGeeney, Thomas

McGill, John

McLaughlin, C.T.

McLemore, Estate of Ronald D

McMillian, James

McMillon, Barbara

McMinn, Wayne

McMullin, Roblay

McNamara, Parnell

McNeese, Irene

McNiel, Steve R.

McShan, Mike

McShane, James P.

McWilliams, D.G.

Medina County

Medina, Nadia

Melberg, Sharon

Melinder, Stephan, Jr.

Melzig, Guenther

Metropolitan Police Museums

Mignano, Mitch

Miles, David

Miles, Jewel

Miller, Rick

Miller, Sandra and Buddy

Miranda, Phyliss

Mitchell, Mrs. A. G.

Mitchell, Robert K.

Molander, Robert

Moore, Stephen

Moreman, Ruth

Morgan, Mrs. J. B.

Morris, Don

Morris, Robert

Morrow, Joel

Morton, Judy

Moser Family, Robert D.
Relations to John B. Armstrong

Murray, Georgen

Mt. Pleasant Police Department

Mueller, Roger

Munnerlyn, Thomas A.

Murfreesboro TN Police Department

Murphy, John

Myers, Larry

Nalls, Bill

Nash, Michaux, Jr.

National Law Enforcement Museum

National Police Force of the Republic of Mexico

Naudain, Lucile Lewis

Nebraska City Police Department

Nelson, Joyce

Nelson, William C.

Newbury, Jim

Newton, Family of Albert
In memory of Alexander Lamartine Casperis

Newton, Ellen Lucille

Nichols, Marguerite G.

Nichols, William and Trina

Nicolson, Kathleen Kelley

Niekamp, Christine

Nielson, Burt C.

Nieman, Robert

Nixon, N. K.

Norris, Chuck

Norris, Emma Nichols

Nuñez, Gil and Angela

Nunn, Mrs. John H.

O’Mara, Bryanna

O’Neal, Bill

O’Toole, Charles A.

Ohnmacht, Stanley D.

Old, A.Y.

Olson, Mike

Oppermann, Louise Baker

Orourke, Richard

Owens, Judy Cleveland

Owens, Rodney J.

Page, Ray

Paladino, Michael J.

Palmer-Hartley, Patricia

Palmire, James J.

Palos, Joe Lewis

Parker, Arlene Truly Texas

Parker, David D.

Parker, Harry J.

Parker, Josh

Parker, T.A.

Parks, Dr. & Mrs. F.M.

Parrish, Susanne

Parsons, Chuck

Patterson, B. D.

Patton, Glenn

Payne, Lorine Matthews

Peacock, Larry

Pearce, Marie C.

Pearson, Earl, Capt.

Pena, Romeo

Pendergraft, M. F.

Peoples, Capt Clint and Donna

Perez, Crisinto, Sr.

Perez, William S.

Perkin, Robert

Perkins, Mrs. Don
 In memory of William Fuller

Perkins, Nathaniel

Perrin, H. A. Tony

Petrioli, Piergiacomo

Phares Family

Pierce, Carmie Carolyn
In memory of Dr. James Dees

Pieratt, SHirley

Pinder, Bernice Gibbons

Piper, Sam

Pirtle, Danny R

Plummer, Rick

Plummer, Zula

Poole, John H

Poole, Raymond

Pope, Joe Henry

Powell, Karen

Powell, Trust of William R.

Prairie Grove Police Department

Pratt-Steele, Mary

Price, Bud A.

Prickette, E. C.

Prince, Bobby, Capt.
Texas Ranger, Ret.

Prince, Rod

Probst, Estate of Captain Frank

Probst, Frank

Prosser, H.

Purvis, H. B. “Butch”

Quick, James

Quinn, Bill

Radder, Gary

Ragsdale, Dan

Rainey, Bill

Randall, Richard S.

Raven, George

Ravenscroft, Ken

Reeves, Glenn

Reidland, Peggy R.

Reimer, Mr. Klaus

Reinert, Wanda H.

Richards, Tom

Richardson, Bob

Rider, Rebecca

Riddles, Mrs. Jim

Rigler, Erik T

Rigler, Lewis C.

Rio Grande Valley Joint Operations Intelligence Center

Riza, Estate of Will

Robbins, George B.

Roberts, Ben H.

Roberts, F.W.

Roberts, Joe Radar

Robertson, Lester H.

Robinson, Charles Hackett , M.D.

Robinson, Kirk

Rogers, Capt. James F. "Pete"
Texas Ranger
Family Memorial Gift

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Carl P.
In memory of R. A. McMurray

Rogers, Melba McMurry

Rogers, Larry T.

Rogers, Mrs. M. D.

Rogers, P. B.

Rooney, John M., Jr.

Ross, Michael G.

Ross, Myrl

Rothenbush, Timothy

Rowe, John N., III

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royce, James

Rummage, LaVerne and Ralph

Russell, Howard M.

Ryan, Jim

Ryan, Phil

Salfen, Harold J. and Marjorie McGregor

Salm, Cynthia

Sams, Jamie

Samuelson, William A

Sanderson, Jimn

Sandlin, Dr. Michael and Norma

Saunders, Robert & Elizabeth
American Derringer Corp/ADC

Schreiner, Charles
Y O Ranch

Schroter, Wolfgang

Schubert, Estate of Louise A.

Schweining, Mrs. Wilna

Scott, Lance

Scovel, Mrs. Michael

Sears-Croft, Lisa Taylor

Seiferman, Joel S

Sevars, Ed R.

Shallowater Police Department

Sharp, Dan B.

Shea, C. J.

Sheerin, Larry

Shelfer, Alan

Shelton, Gene

Shelton, Maria M.

Shofner, Judy

Shreveport Louisiana Police Department

Simmons, Atha W.

Simpson, J. D., III

Simpson, Dr. Neill

Skelton, Lewis and Janice

Slaton, Marie A.
In memory of Dr. E. O. Rushing

Smith, Bobby

Smith, Charles E.
Triumph Pictures

Smith, Cotton

Smith, Donna R.
In memory of William M. Green and Ruby Green Smith              

Smith, Doris Warren

Smith, Ellie M.

Smith, Estate of Grover C.

Smith, Herschel H.

Smith, Stan H.

Smith, W. D.

Southwestern Bell

Sparks, B.L.

Speir, Wilson E

Spence, Alan

Estate of Harold Starr

Staton Estate

Stephens, Roberts W.

Stewart, Bruce
In memory of Ranger Ed Gooding

Stewart, Dale

Stiles, James L.

Stinson, Marty

Stone, Armeen E.

Stone, June

Stopka, Christina

Stowe, David L.
In memory of Jonas Hall

Strader, DeWayne C.

Strange, Louis F., Jr.

Streuf, Klaus

Stroud, Brenda

Stuber, Albert D.

Summers, Robert

Sumrall, Tex

Supica, Jim

Susaraba, Barbara J.

Svozil, Dennis

Swiney, Charles R.

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Taylor, M.A.

Texas Department of Corrections

Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Ranger Association Foundation

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers Co. "F"

Texas Society of Professional Surveyors

Texas Trail of Fame

Thomas, Tilman R. III  and Sharon Melberg

Thorn, John

Thornton, Robert F.

Tibbs, Bennett

Tigert, Jimmie D.

Todd, Wm. F.

Toniutti, Mauro

Tooker, Harry
In memory of Bob Mills

Travis National Bank

Trimble Navigation and Western Data System

Trimble, Lee and Cordelia

Turner, George

Turner, James

Turner, Thomas E.

Tyson, Frank

Underhill, Red

U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

U.S. Department of Justice

U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

U. S. Marshals Service

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

U.S. Department of the Treasury
Secret Service

Updyke, Anne

Vahrenkamp, A. J.

Van Cleve, Robert
In memory of Wesley Travis Van Cleve

Van Den Berg, Joe

Vardeman, David

Varnell, Donnie R.

Vaughn, W.J.

Vickers, W.D., Capt.

Voss, Deborah

Vrba, Louis

Waco Gem and Mineral Club

Waco Police Department

Waco, City of

Wadsworth, Ralph
Texas Ranger, Ret.

Wagner, Walt

Wahl, Jewel Lee Gage

Walk, Mrs. William

Walker, Anne

Walker, Gaile and Ross

Walker, Margaret

Wallace, Charles and Judith

Wallace, Dr. Susan

Waller, Lloyd E.

Waller, Rick

Walls, Thomas

Walthall, Marian Gray

Wardlaw, Bill

Ware, Herbert W., Jr.

Warrington, Robert K.

Washbirn, John

Washburn, Livia

Wasson, Byran

Watkins, Beaumont

Watson, Barto

Weaver, Bobby

Webb, Estate of Frank J.

Weiss, Jr., William G.

West, Walt S.

Weyenberg, Daniel

Whatley, Charles

White, Bruce

White, Byron

White, David

White, Jerry L.

White, R. E.

White, Simon S., Jr.

Whitehead, Emmett

Whixton, Robert D.

Wilkinson, David Marion

Wilkinson, Robert

Williams, Dr. H. L.

Williams, Gary

Williams, R.E.

Williams, Randy W.

Williams, Scott

Williamson County Sherif's Department

Williamson, Maro W.

Willis, H. E.

Wilson, Ed

Wilson, Geoff

Wilson, Jack

Wilson, Jim

Wilson, R. L.

Wilson, Velma

Winchell, Craig

Wodrich, Sandy

Wood, John R.

Woodward, Dan

Woodward, Eddie T.

Woodward, W. W.

Woolsey, Sophie M.

Worsham, Jim

Wuensch, Raymond

Wyatt, Bettie A.

Yancey, Walter

Yarbrough, John

Yeager, V.L.

Yohnka, Richard

Zabel, Duane D.


The Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas