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Skills of the Modern Texas Ranger

The duties of Texas Rangers have evolved since their origination in 1823.  Founded primarily to protect settlers from Native American raids and survey the Texas frontier, the Rangers now use a variety of techniques and tools to investigate crimes such as murder, child abduction and robbery.  This program provides students with the opportunity to explore the methods by which Rangers gather evidence, including lifting fingerprints, analyzing ink and handwriting samples and making molds of shoeprints.  Students will then have the opportunity to assist the Rangers in solving a mock crime by utilizing the techniques they have learned. 

Grades 4-8, 90 minutes.

A Texas Surveying Tradition

The Texas landscape is one of great size and geographical diversity.  Early Rangers were often called upon to serve as surveyors of this wild, harsh and rugged land.  Students will become familiar with the basic geography of Texas and how the natural landscape affected the settlement and defense of various areas.  After basic instruction in map-making, they will utilize monuments and period-specific surveying chains in an attempt to create an accurate map of a portion of the museum’s grounds. 

Grades 4-8, 120 minutes.


Can You Ride? Can You Shoot? Can You Cook?

Early Texas Rangers had to be able to answer “yes” to these three questions before they were allowed to join the ranks of these legendary lawmen.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities that reinforce these important skills necessary to becoming a Ranger while viewing and handling objects that the Rangers may have used while on the frontier.  This program is intended for our younger audiences but may be adapted to meet the needs of your particular group.

Grades K-3. 60-90 minutes.


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The Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas